Blake, Roosenburg

August 23, 2015

Author Jacqueline Galloway-Blake asks the following questions:Does your child count down the hours and minutes until the Sabbath ends? Mom, what time is it? Is the Sabbath over yet? Or is the Sabbath a delight for your child? Does he eagerly anticipate its arrival? This book ‘Mommy, Is Today Sabbath is for you to help your child find delight in the Sabbath. In ‘Islam & Christianity in Prophecy using primarily the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation Dr. Roosenberg builds a frighteningly plausible case for a future catastrophic showdown between militant Islam and the West. He uses the historical approach to prophetic interpretation favored by early Reformers like Luther ,Wesley and Calvin, rather than the currently popular futurist interpretation favored by Hal Lindsey and the ‘Left Behind’ novelists.