Dr. Hans Diehl

June 13, 2013

Today on Health & Longevity, Dr. John Westerdahl features guest, Hans Diehl, Dr.H.Sc., M.P.H., former Director of Research and Health Education for the Pritikin Longevity Center; Founder of The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP). Dr. Hans Diehl discusses his pioneering work with the late Nathan Pritikin, founder of the original Pritikin Longevity Center. Dr. Diehl is a specialist in Lifestyle Medicine and has developed the internationally-renowned healthy lifestyle program, The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) which has shown more than 50,000 graduates how simple lifestyle changes can facilitate the reversal of many of our Western diseases. Dr. Diehl is coauthor of the bestselling book, ‘Health Power: Health by Choice, Not by Chance!’.