Homeschool Companion

Just because summer is here and school is out, does not mean that learning needs to stop. Discover how to help your kids continue to learn through home school activities. Whether you homeschool full time or part time, Homeschool Companion can help you be a great teacher.

Every child’s first school is their home. Homeschool Companion strives to support the 2 million families that home school their children each year. Hosted by Rose Gamblin, the 30-minute program is dedicated to home-based education and making the most of the learning experience through student centeredness and differentiated instruction. Cutting edge programs focus on educational strategies, techniques and inspirational themes. It provides the latest research on topics for working with, or ministering to children and teens. The show is designed for multi-generational listening, with a story for kids, as well as important information for parents and grandparents. If you are involved in home schooling don’t miss this informative, insightful and valuable program. Homeschool Companion airs weekly on LifeTalk Radio. Click here for a program schedule for your time zone. It is also available as a podcast available on-demand.