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As the heart is the core of life, so the essence of life is God. Produced by the Salvation Army, Heartbeat is a one-minute program that features plain talk about real life, drawn from the “caring and sharing” ministry of The Salvation Army.

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National Friendship Day

On the first Sunday in August, National Friendship Day encourages people across the country and world to connect with friends.

On the first Sunday in August, National Friendship Day encourages people across the country and world to connect with friends. Read Less

A Great Summer Companion

Planning a vacation this summer? Keep in mind that LifeTalk Radio makes a great travel companion. Remember, LifeTalk has THREE channels to keep you connected with Christ 24/7. {…}

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A Better Way To Live

oin Pastor Shawn Boonstra every day for a few minutes and gain greater spiritual depth as you discover timeless insights on, A Better Way to Live. This daily devotional program is designed to help you dig a little deeper into Scripture, connect with Jesus Christ, and gain a greater understanding of God.

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Stories From the Book

Stories from the Book is a beloved series that brings the timeless stories of the Bible to life for children. Richards Jr.’s warm and engaging style of narration makes the biblical stories relatable and engaging, capturing the attention of young listeners and inspiring their imagination.

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Plug Into Life

This powerful program takes only one minute of your time. Yet it gives you a daily spiritual boost. Plug Into Life, is a one-minute devotional that airs every week day (Monday through Friday) on the LifeTalk Radio network.

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Be A Blessing

You never know the impact you can have by sharing a small card with a powerful message. Using sharing cards makes you an ambassador for God. You become a spiritual catalyst connecting others with Christ. God says: “You are my witnesses.” Isaiah 43:10. {…}

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Independence Day

Every year Americans celebrate freedom on July 4. We praise our forefathers for having the courage to create a Declaration of Independence. We treasure our freedom. We honor the many soldiers who have died to protect it. Our government invests heavily in a military to guard this freedom. But freedom is not free, nor is it guaranteed. Many on this planet don’t even know what freedom is…

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Parenting Today’s Teens

The world your kids live in today is a mess. As they move into their teen years, they face unimaginable pressures to turn away from the values you worked so hard to instill in their lives. If you’re struggling to parent your teen, you may feel helpless and hopeless. But you’re not alone. Other families across the country are experiencing the same challenges. And here is the program you need.

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Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor

Explore the Bible like never before and get practical guidance on Christian living, prophecy, and more. You will discover Bible-based answers to your questions about life.Each program featured an “amazing fact” from the world of science or history and revealed how it applied to the Bible.

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