Focus on Better Health

Are you enjoying life to the fullest? How’s your health? Would you like to improve it? LifeTalk Radio offers several programs and podcasts that focus on health, longevity, well-being, medical issues and more. Learn how to stay healthy and live longer. Discover how to get energized and feel better.

Take charge of your own health. Listen and learn from medical professionals as they share the latest medical updates and health research. In addition to regularly scheduled health programs on our broadcasts, LifeTalk Radio also includes health podcasts you can listen to any time. These include podcasts featuring: Dr. David DeRose, Dr. Hans Diehl, Dr. James Marcum, Dr. John Westerdahl and their guests.

Check out the program schedule for your time zone at: or the line up of regular podcasts at Or use the handy LifeTalk Radio App, a free download at: For a complete list of LifeTalk programs, click here.