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LifeTalk Podcasts

A number of the popular programs on LifeTalk Radio are also available as on-demand podcasts. Thus you can listen any time according to your schedule, rather than a pre-determined broadcast schedule. For a complete schedule of broadcast programs please visit our program schedule page. Read More

Kids Grow Better with Radio

Kids need never be bored! Just point them to LifeTalk Kids and let them listen to great adventures, faith-building Bible stories, captivating science and awesome nature programs and more. LifeTalk Radio offers a host of excellent programs designed to help kids develop their brain. Read More

By the Way

By The Way is a daily devotional heard on radio stations around the globe. It’s been called the best minute on radio, as listeners identify with the simple, down-to-earth thoughts finding them inspiring. Listeners write to say their faith in Jesus Christ is strengthened as they are reminded of God’s goodness. The By The Way program encourages listeners to live according to God’s plan. This short 90-second message is often described as a “Thought for the Day.”

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World Day of Prayer

The first Friday in March is designated as the World Day of Prayer. It is celebrated annually in over 170 countries.Prayer is a privilege that connects us with our heavenly Father. Also when we pray for each other, and with each other, it connects us through our heavenly Father.

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The Bible in Living Sound

Perhaps you remember growing up and listening to The Bible in Living Sound as a kid. Well, those powerful stories are still around. The series include 450 dramatized audio stories featuring reenacted Biblical events with professional actors’ voices, music and sound effects. Now is a great time to share these Bible adventures with your own children or grandchildren.

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Got A Minute

Are you interested in developing a strong family life and great relationships with your kids? Got A Minute for Your Family, is a short broadcast promoting wholesome family relationships. Each program highlights practical tips and insightful advice you can use today. The program is hosted by Dr. Kay Kuzma, dynamic motivational speaker, family life and parenting educator, retired university professor, author of hundreds of articles and dozens of books, radio and TV personality, and popular presenter at women’s retreats and inspirational conferences.

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Patch the Pirate

Patch the Pirate is a Christian audio drama series presenting character-building, comical, and musical recordings for children. The Patch the Pirate Radio Program is recognized by the National Religious Broadcasters as the third largest religious children’s programming outreach.

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President’s Day

A national holiday is a great time to remind others you care. Take a minute and send a free digital eCard to your friends and family. LifeTalk Radio has many beautiful cards for you to chose from. Select a beautiful card with a special message, a powerful Scripture or a Bible promise.

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Share Some Love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What are you planning for the ones you love? Watch our special one minute valentine video, and learn how easy it is to share some love.

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World Radio Day

February 13 is World Radio Day—an international day celebrated to recognize the significant impact of radio around the world. Radio continues to reach a wider audience than any other mass media. More people listen to radio than watch TV, use the internet or a mobile device. Radio informs and influences billions of lives around the world.

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