Free Window Clings

Window clings are fun, easy and available free from LifeTalk Radio. Let others know you listen to LifeTalk and help let your community know LifeTalk Radio is here for them too. Simply order one or more window clings here: Then place them on your car window, or a window in your home, your office or place of business. These window clings are small but communicate a powerful message.

A window cling adheres on the INSIDE of a glass window but unlike a sticker or a decal, a window cling has no adhesive and leaves no residue. It’s held in place by static electricity. This means they peel off easy and can be removed, repositioned, and reused. Simply peel the window cling from the backing paper and apply to a clean glass surface. If the glass surface is even slightly unclean it may not stay on. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface. A window cling will stick with or without water. Spraying the back of the cling with a drop of water may help it stick better. Another idea is to use a drop of hand sanitizer which some claim makes it stick longer. If the window cling starts to peel, bubble or fall off, just add another drop of water or sanitizer and reapply it.

If you’d rather have a traditional adhesive sticker, LifeTalk has those also. You can order stickers on the same web page: Stickers are placed on the outside surface and attached with pre-applied adhesive. Simply pull the backing sheet off and apply the sticker to a clean surface. Order some window clings and stickers today. Kids love them.