GraceLink Bible Lessons

GraceLink Bible Lessons is a comprehensive radio program that takes listeners on a transformative journey through Scripture. This 12-year series comprises 624 lessons, firmly grounded in the teachings of the Bible, and is designed to provide a solid foundation of faith for individuals of all ages. The curriculum of GraceLink Bible Lessons focuses on four essential dynamics: grace, worship, community, and service. Each lesson, whether story-based or focused on specific scriptural references, is carefully selected to develop these core aspects of the Christian faith.

Grace, the first dynamic, emphasizes God’s unconditional love for humanity. It highlights the sacrificial act of sending His Son to redeem us, demonstrating His boundless grace and acceptance. Worship, as the response to God’s love, teaches listeners to express their gratitude and adoration. Through praise, lifestyle, and stewardship, individuals are encouraged to cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus. Community explores the significance of our relationships with others. It encompasses our immediate family, church community, friends, and fellow believers, emphasizing the importance of unity, support, and love within the body of Christ. Service is the outward expression of our faith and love for Jesus. It encourages listeners to extend compassion, kindness, and the message of hope to those who have not yet encountered God’s love, inviting them to join the family of God.

Through the GraceLink Bible Lessons program, listeners are immersed in the transformative power of Scripture. It provides a comprehensive understanding of God’s grace, the essence of worship, the value of community, and the impact of service. This program is a valuable resource for children seeking to deepen their faith, grow in their relationship with God, and make a positive difference in the world around them. The program airs every Saturday on LifeTalk Kids. Check the kids program schedule for your time zone (