Be A Blessing

Planning a trip this summer? Why not let others know they matter to God, plus share the good news of LifeTalk Radio. It’s so easy with our FREE printed sharing cards. Hand one to the person sitting next to you on the plane, or waiting with you in line at the airport, plus the clerk at check in, or the attendant helping you. Share a card with your waiter in the restaurant, the receptionist at the desk, the lonely looking person in the lobby, the person standing behind to you in the grocery line, or leave one on the bed for the cleaning lady along with your tip. You never know the impact you can have by sharing a small card with a powerful message. Using sharing cards makes you an ambassador for God. You become a spiritual catalyst connecting others with Christ. God says: “You are my witnesses.” Isaiah 43:10.

Plan right now to be a witness for Jesus. It’s not hard, nor complicated to simply hand someone a small card and say, “Have a nice day!” Just do it. In most cases you’ll put a smile on the face of a stranger. Be a channel of love, light and blessing to others. God desires to use your hands and your voice. Using sharing cards makes it easy. Then as you meet old friends and new during your travels, continue to share our beautiful cards. Share a message of hope, a slogan of encouragement, a Bible promise and more. Order your selection of sharing cards at: Stock up now. There are many cards to choose from—and they’re all FREE. We even cover the shipping and handling charges!

Here is what others have said about our free sharing cards:

From Vermont: I have been giving LifeTalk cards out for 2+ years to people I interact with while shopping or just being out and about. Usually the person will brighten up when they look at the message and picture. I had one worker in Home Depot give me a hug. She told me that she has been looking for a radio station that is worth listening to. But especially since the lock down began, people have responded with a sincere “Thank you” or “Yes, God does love me” at this genuine acknowledgement that they have worth and what they are doing is appreciated. Thank you for making these available!

From Maryland: Thank you so much for offering these beautiful cards! They really get people’s attention!

Via email: I give these out everyday, while shopping in stores, my neighbors, paying and mailing bills, funerals, food drive lines, relatives, post offices, police, doctor’s office, my mechanic, visitors like the company that cut down the trees my yard, etc.

From Tennessee: Thank you for the beautiful “You Matter to God” cards received Christmas Eve. I gave one to a young man Christmas Day who doesn’t go to church. He is 28 and has never given his life to the Lord. It gave me a chance to witness to him. He asked for 3 more cards for his friends, put the cards in his wallet and the LifeTalk app on his phone. Thank you for letting me be a blessing. They are beautiful cards with a wonderful message, and make it easy to witness.