Bible Study with It Is Written

This weekly in-depth Bible Study program is hosted by Pastor Eric Flickinger an Associate Speaker for It Is Written. It features authors and contributors, scholars, pastors, theologians and Biblical experts for this adult bible study guide. Each weekly program digs deeper into each week’s lesson and provides additional insights into the topics at hand.

This dynamic dialog program airs every Saturday morning on the LifeTalk Radio network. For a complete program schedule for your time zone, please visit: Listen to this and other great programs on our FREE APP. Download it at: This and other programs produced by It Is Written are also available as on-demand podcasts. For details please visit: You can also watch the program on:

It Is Written exists to guide you into a deeper understanding of God’s Word, through inspiring Christian programs that are authentic, practical, and Bible-based. Dive in with us and uncover biblical principles that will show you who Jesus really is and what He can do for you. It Is Written is a Christian organization founded in 1956 by Pastor George Vandeman with the goal of sharing insights from God’s Word on television. That mission has expanded over the years to include satellite and digital television, websites and mobile apps, global evangelistic campaigns, and faith-building resources.

Pastor Eric Flickinger is currently serving as the associate speaker for It Is Written. The son of an Army officer, Eric traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe as a child, developing an appreciation and love for the many and varied cultures of the world. He finally settled in Florida where his study of the Bible during his years at the University of Florida finally inspired him to attend an evangelism training school for lay members. Eric has conducted over 90 evangelistic campaigns across the United States, Canada, Asia, and Eastern Europe. He has served as an evangelist and evangelism school administrator for 15 years. A popular television speaker, Eric is often described as having a gift for making even difficult biblical topics easy to understand.