Families of Faith

Hosted by husband and wife team, Tim and Stacey Rumsey, this Bible-based, Christ-centered program is being added to the line up of shows from Pathway to Paradise ministries. Designed especially for couples and parents, Families of Faith replaces the previous program, “Moms on Break” hosted by Stacey.

Families are the foundation of society. Yet modern culture launches a continual attack against the Biblical family. In this weekly series, Tim and Stacey, the parents of four kids, discuss relevant topics related to marriage, parenting, and the family. Build your family of faith, one day at a time!

A recent program discussed money management for kids and offers PDF worksheets. The money management handouts include pages for chores and paid chores lists, budget sheets, earnings tracker, savings chart, and transaction register. Free supporting materials and handouts are provided online: pathwaytoparadise.org/families-of-faith. You can also leave comments and suggestions on the same page.

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