Are you living at your peak level? Is life a pain or a joy? Do you feel terrific or desire to feel better?  Heartwise is created by a physician, cardiologist, author and popular speaker: Dr. James Marcum. This lively broadcast provides you with truth, love and healing. It includes interviews with special guests, health professionals and experts. If you want to feel great and live a life that’s full of energy and joy listen to HeartWise and begin to really live! Discover your optimum life through proven and scientific keys for living better now, plus techniques for living longer. You may also discover some things the medical profession isn’t telling you. Dr. Marcum specializes in boldly treading on health care topics normally overlooked in the highly marketed field of health care. Topics include: weight management, mental health, nutrition and exercise, caregiving, grief, forgiveness, cancer, chronic illness, depression, sleep disorder, parenting, disease prevention and much more. Hosted by popular author, Charles Mills, Heartwise aims to provide the ultimate prescription for living. It offers practical tips, time-proven guidelines and Bible-based principles to make your life healthier, happier and more fulfilling. It may even save your life! Heartwise airs weekly on LifeTalk Radio. Click here for a program schedule for your time zone. This program is also available as a podcast available on-demand.