National Coloring Day

Have you heard about National Coloring Day? It’s celebrated annually on September 14. It’s a universally recognized day for people to relax, breathe and focus on the creative exercise of coloring. The physical activity of coloring is a beneficial function, especially for those going through trauma. Your mind gets totally absorbed in what you’re doing, thus relieving stress and anxiety as you release those high-level cognitive functions for a few minutes or perhaps an hour. It’s like a mini vacation! Coloring is fun for kids of all ages. It’s particularly loved by children ages two to five, but also a relaxing and even therapeutic activity for teens, adults and seniors.

How long has it been since you held a crayon, colored pencil or marker in your hand, just to have some fun? Why not take some time and celebrate National Coloring Day. You may actually find you like it. Rediscover the delight of childhood. Be creative, let your imagination fly. Try doing it as a group with your kids, grandkids or others—have a coloring party. Tell a Bible story to your kids or grandkids while coloring the free Bible story coloring pages available from LifeTalk Radio. Click here to download free coloring pages.