Patch the Pirate

Patch the Pirate is a Christian audio drama series presenting character-building, comical, and musical recordings for children. The program is produced by Majesty Music. These comical capers teach Christian values to children through story and song recordings. Patch the Pirate is played by Ron “Patch” Hamilton, who is a popular Christian singer, songwriter, composer, evangelist, and personality. Ron Hamilton has created and published 40 Patch the Pirate Adventures including the first release Sing Along with Patch the Pirate in 1981, and the latest release in 2019 The Final Voyage? Over 2 million Patch the Pirate adventures have been sold since the release of the first album. The Patch the Pirate Radio Program is recognized by the National Religious Broadcasters as the third largest religious children’s programming outreach. The program airs daily on LifeTalk Kids. Check the kids program schedule for your time zone at: