Plug Into Life

Short on time? This powerful program takes only one minute of your time. Yet it gives you a daily spiritual boost. Plug Into Life, is a one-minute devotional that airs every week day (Monday through Friday) on the LifeTalk Radio network. It will inspire you and reconnect you to The Source of Life! This dynamic program is produced by the Jesus 101 Biblical Institute and features speaker/director, Elizabeth Talbot. Download a complete program schedule for your time zone.

The Jesus 101 Biblical Instituteexists to introduce people to the real Jesus of the gospel, and to equip them to share His love with others. The primary purpose of the Institute is to reach everyone with the good news of Jesus, offering hope and assurance through Christ-centered Biblical training. A key goal is to lift up Christ so that He may draw all people to Himself (John 12:32) and to promote a deeper understanding of Jesus through the Bible. The secondary purpose of the Institute is to develop resources that motivate and equip for the study of Scripture, encouraging authentic discipleship, wholeness and service. The Jesus 101 Biblical Institute offers instruction and training in Biblical Studies and encourages in-depth study of Scripture.  For more information about this media ministry, additional resources or the seminars and training classes offered, please visit:

Elizabeth Viera Talbot, Ph.D., has devoted her life to the study of the Scriptures. She is the Speaker/Director for the Jesus 101 Biblical Institute, a media ministry designed to offer in-depth Christ-centered Biblical studies resources. Dr. Talbot is regularly featured on television, radio and social media venues throughout the world. She is a popular lecturer and revival/motivational gospel speaker to both English and Spanish speaking audiences. She is the author of more than a dozen books.

Dr. Talbot was born in Argentina to parents who instilled in her the love of Jesus. As a child, she always envisioned preaching and teaching as she gathered her dolls for an audience. After completing her Bachelors in music education, Elizabeth worked in the business world for nearly 15 years, and during that time she volunteered as a part-time youth pastor. She holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior, plus a Master’s degree and subsequent Biblical Studies. She has been a full-time pastor and adjunct Biblical Studies Professor. Elizabeth is now living her calling to preach the gospel through various media venues worldwide. Elizabeth is married to Patrick Talbot, a retired Marriage and Family Therapist. Elizabeth’s main identity is her passion about the good news of Jesus Christ: “It’s like fire in my bones” she says, and she means it! Discover more about the Jesus 101 media ministry here: