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Lamplighter Theatre

This creative audio drama is designed for kids of all ages, Lamplighter Theatre helps to build character one story at a time. Through the powerful role models of Lamplighter’s heroes and heroines, this broadcast is helping to change the lives of the young and young at heart. {…}

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The Sugar Creek Gang

Step back in time to one-room schoolhouses, hot summer days of fishing, fun and barefoot boys. The Sugar Creek Gang radio drama series chronicles the faith-building adventures of a group of fun-loving, courageous Christian boys.{…}

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Down Gilead Lane

Down Gilead Lane is a compelling family radio drama heard across the nation and overseas. It focuses on the lives of the Morrisons, a family of seven trying to live out their faith in a modern-day world. Follow the Morrison family as they navigate life’s trials and triumphs, using the Bible to guide them through every situation in life[…]

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