Lamplighter Theatre

This creative audio drama is designed for kids of all ages, Lamplighter Theatre helps to build character one story at a time. Through the powerful role models of Lamplighter’s heroes and heroines, this broadcast is helping to change the lives of the young and young at heart. Lamplighter Theatre brings redemptive stories to new heights in the form of creative audio dramas. Each breathtaking story is brimming with suspense and intensity. Stories focus on perseverance, courage, hope and humility and aim to inspire imagination and innovation. They teach forgiveness, excellence, endurance, and entrepreneurship. Role models in these stories either demonstrate exemplary behavior or suffer consequences of making wrong choices. This program is produced by Lamplighter Ministries whose mission is to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. This program airs every Sunday on LifeTalk Radio. Click here for a program schedule for your time zone. Also available on Click here to check the kids program schedule. Remember all LifeTalk programs are available on our handy free APP. Download it now.