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Steps to Christ Offer

One of the most inspiring books to positively influence personal spiritual growth is the little book, Steps to Christ. Sharing this much loved devotional book is another way of reaching our mission.

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Walkin’ on Water

If you like gospel and bluegrass music this show is for you. Walkin’ on Water features the best in gospel bluegrass music, presented by a friendly, Christ-centered radio host, Tom Macomber. Each hour-long, commercial free program features great music interspersed with information about the musicians and a brief devotional thought.

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Free Window Clings

Window clings are fun, easy and available free from LifeTalk Radio. Let others know you listen to LifeTalk and help let your community know LifeTalk Radio is here for them too. Simply order one or more window clings here: Then place them on your car window, or a window in your home, your office or place of business. These window clings are small but communicate a powerful message.

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Hope on Fire

Hope On Fire is a 30-minute broadcast providing relevant talk radio for life. It deals with a range of topics including: faith and spirituality, current events and social issues, lifestyle and relationship questions, plus the specific challenges facing youth and adults today. The approach is always to view issues from a biblical worldview. The program has a mission to share practical ways to find God in every day life and inspire hope.

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Sailor Sam

Introduced on Moody Radio in the 1950s, the Sailor Sam series will take listeners on high sea adventures that explore the wonders of God’s creation and the gifts of lasting friendships.

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LifeTalk Podcasts

A number of the popular programs on LifeTalk Radio are also available as on-demand podcasts. Thus you can listen any time according to your schedule, rather than a pre-determined broadcast schedule. For a complete schedule of broadcast programs please visit our program schedule page. Read More

By the Way

By The Way is a daily devotional heard on radio stations around the globe. It’s been called the best minute on radio, as listeners identify with the simple, down-to-earth thoughts finding them inspiring. Listeners write to say their faith in Jesus Christ is strengthened as they are reminded of God’s goodness. The By The Way program encourages listeners to live according to God’s plan. This short 90-second message is often described as a “Thought for the Day.”

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World Day of Prayer

The first Friday in March is designated as the World Day of Prayer. It is celebrated annually in over 170 countries.Prayer is a privilege that connects us with our heavenly Father. Also when we pray for each other, and with each other, it connects us through our heavenly Father.

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The Bible in Living Sound

Perhaps you remember growing up and listening to The Bible in Living Sound as a kid. Well, those powerful stories are still around. The series include 450 dramatized audio stories featuring reenacted Biblical events with professional actors’ voices, music and sound effects. Now is a great time to share these Bible adventures with your own children or grandchildren.

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