Zeno Radio

So, what is Zeno Radio? First of all, if you have internet access you don’t need Zeno Radio since you can listen to LifeTalk Radio online or download our mobile app. Zeno Radio is designed for those with no internet access and no way to listen to LifeTalk over the air on a local radio station. Zeno Radio provides an alternative way to listen to LifeTalk Radio by simply dialing a phone number. That’s right, you can listen to LifeTalk Radio over your phone! When you’re on the go and you have no other way to connect, there’s always your phone.

Just call and listen to a live stream of current programming. Simply dial 1-631-856-9585 and be connected to LifeTalk Radio. This option works on both land line and mobile phones. However, please keep two things in mind. First, for a land line, this is not an 800 number, so long distance charges may apply. And second, for your mobile, your phone plan may charge for each minute of connection time. Thus, listening to LifeTalk Radio via Zeno Radio works best for owners of an unlimited minutes plan for their land line or mobile device. Please check your account to see if listening to Zeno Radio may affect your minute usage and monthly bill. Most people find they are able to listen to LifeTalk Radio via Zeno Radio for free.

There may be a better option than Zeno Radio. If you have internet access, just listen online at: LifeTalk.net. And if you have a smart phone with apps, you can download the FREE LifeTalk App and listen to your choice of three 24/7 streaming channels: LifeTalk Radio, LifeTalk Kids, LifeTalk Music. To download the FREE LifeTalk APP for either Mac or Android, visit: lifetalk.net/connect