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Made to Move 5k

We are created to MOVE! If you enjoy walking or running this event is for you. It’s happening September 17. Join other all across North America in the Made to Move event happening this September. Made to Move is a virtual 5k designed to energize, encourage and remind us that we are MADE TO MOVE!

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A Word With You

A Word With You by Ron Hutchcraft, is a great way to start your week day. It’s an inspirational program with captivating illustrations and Biblical insights for daily life. Listeners are encouraged to unleash their relationship with God, rise above the hard times, deepen relationships with those they love, conquer their dark side, and live as a “make-a-difference” person.

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Miss Brenda’s Bedtime Stories

These true stories, written by beloved and best-selling authors, including some by Miss Brenda herself, resonate with children and impart important moral values and character lessons…

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Sink the Beagle

The debate between evolution and creationism has continued for decades. It seems the arguments today are no more valid now than a hundred years ago. Why is the theory of evolution so persistently promoted in the academic arena and the broader world of history and science? Creationism believes in Intelligent Design where life and the […]

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National Radio Day

Did you know that August 20 is National Radio Day? On this day, we recognize the invention of radio and the value it has in our lives and around the world. In addition to National Radio Day celebrated in August, there is also World Radio Day which is celebrated on February 13 annually. For more than a hundred years radio has played a vital role in worldwide. Radio, where would the world be without it?

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Pathways of the Pioneers

Pathways of the Pioneers celebrates the courage, dedication, and spiritual convictions that continue to inspire Adventists and individuals around the world. Whether you are a member of the Adventist community, a history enthusiast, or someone seeking inspiration from the stories of faith and perseverance, this program will deepen your appreciation for those who laid the foundation and blazed the way for a worldwide movement…

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Message of Hope

Message of Hope is a daily broadcast on LifeTalk Radio. It will bring you inspiring hope-filled messages from God’s Word. Message of Hope is presented by a host of different speakers, engaging evangelists and popular pastors. Each dynamic speaker will present Biblical insights and help you grow in your walk with the Lord and strengthen your connection with Christ. You’ll find hope in these uncertain times and discover promises and guidance from God’s Word…

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Friendship Day

Research shows that friends can even improve our immune system. Well now is the time to let your friends know they matter, because the first Sunday in August is National Friendship Day. Back in 1935 congress declared the first Sunday in August, as National Friendship Day—a day to highlight the value friends play in our lives…

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Radio Evangelism

If you've ever thought about having your own local radio station now is the time to act...This is a great opportunity for you, your church or organization to acquire a station license for your community. Once you have a station LifeTalk Radio can provide all the programming 24/7 plus you can include your own local programs any where in the daily or weekly broadcast schedule. Read More


Are you living at your peak level? Is life a pain or a joy? Do you feel terrific or desire to feel better?  Heartwise is created by a physician, cardiologist, author and popular speaker: Dr. James Marcum. This lively broadcast provides you with truth, love and healing. It includes interviews with special guests, health professionals and experts.{…}

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