Got A Minute

Are you interested in developing a strong family life and great relationships with your kids? Got A Minute for Your Family, is a short broadcast promoting wholesome family relationships. Each program highlights practical tips and insightful advice you can use today. The program is hosted by Dr. Kay Kuzma, dynamic motivational speaker, family life and parenting educator, retired university professor, author of hundreds of articles and dozens of books, radio and TV personality, and popular presenter at women’s retreats and inspirational conferences.

Got A Minute for Your Family, is broadcast every Monday through Friday on LifeTalk Radio—available on Roku, Amazon Echo, Google Home and on a FREE mobile app. Download the app at: Listen to Got A Minute for Your Family, every day. Check the program schedule for your time zone here:

Kay is the founder and president of the Family Matters ministry and the developer of the Welcome Baby Program, a social support program for new parents that is designed for winning friends for church. She received her masters in child development at Michigan State University and her doctorate in early childhood education from UCLA. She has spent her life inspiring others to develop strength of character and meaningful relationships. Perhaps her greatest contribution to the lives of children, singles, couples, parents, and grandparents is her simple but powerful relational theory of the “love cup,” presented in her books. Her parenting books and resources are available at AdventSource: and