The Bible in Living Sound

Perhaps you remember growing up and listening to The Bible in Living Sound as a kid. Well, those powerful stories are still around. Now is a great time to share these Bible adventures with your own children or grandchildren.

The Bible in Living Sound is the original audio Bible series that get people of all ages excited about the Bible! The series include 450 dramatized audio stories featuring reenacted Biblical events with professional actors’ voices, music and sound effects. The recordings are nondenominational and do not have private interpretations. The episodes follow the Bible narrative as it is written, without bias. When Scripture is quoted, the King James Version of the Bible is used. All musical segues are orchestrated.

The Bible in Living Sound is a great way for children of all ages to learn more about the Bible and God’s love. The knowledge and nurture of Scripture is sure to build strong character. Bible stories come alive with voices, music and sound effects as these dramatized audio Bible stories place the listener at the crossing of the Red Sea, beside David as he confronts Goliath, with Queen Esther as she bravely approaches the king, with Mary and Joseph in the stable, beside Jesus as He heals the leper, at the foot of the cross and shipwrecked with Paul.

These reenacted nondenominational dramatizations from the Old and New Testament captivate listeners while visualizing the values taught in God’s Word. Listeners will want to hear these audio Bible stories again and again! The program streams daily on Check the kids program schedule for your time zone at: Or listen on our FREE LifeTalk App available at: