Time Matters to Kids

With summer activities well underway and the kids home from school, now is the time to let your kids know they are loved. But there’s a catch. Kids spell LOVE: T-I-M-E. Bonding with your kids is vital. A great way to spend quality time is to listen together to awesome programs on LifeTalk Kids. Research shows that brainwave activity is greatly reduced in kids who watch television. Reading and listening to audio content can fuel their imagination. LifeTalk Kids has dozens of excellent character-building, educational and entertaining programs just waiting for you and your kids. Plus LifeTalkKids.net has many fun resources to keep kids busy for hours. This includes coloring pages, Bible explorations, videos and more.

Building character for now and for eternity is what LifeTalk Kids is all about. Discover great programs like: Awesome Science, Discovery Mountain, Your Story Hour, Adventures in Odyssey, Lamplighter Theatre, Pathways of the Pioneers, Sailor Sam, The Bible in Living Sound and more. Kids grow better with radio! Fuel their imagination and engage their curiosity. Kids need never be bored! LifeTalk Kids offers stellar educational and entertaining programs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Listen online. Check out the program schedule. Or download and listen on our handy FREE LifeTalk Radio App. Encourage kids of all ages to learn and have fun at: LifeTalkKids.net

Remember LifeTalk has free sharing cards and stickers for kids to pass along to friends or people they meet while traveling this summer. Order free cards at: lifetalk.net/sharing-cards