National Radio Day

Did you know that August 20 is National Radio Day? On this day, we recognize the invention of radio and the value it has in our lives and around the world. In addition to National Radio Day celebrated in August, there is also World Radio Day which is celebrated on February 13 annually. It was established in 2011 by UNESCO.

For more than a hundred years radio has played a vital role in worldwide communication. A number of inventors, including Tesla and Marconi, are credited with the development of radio and wireless transmission in the late 1800s. The first wireless radio was used by the military. “Wireless” is a common term we use today. But throughout most of the 20th century, it meant radio, not mobile phones and internet. By the turn of the century, the wireless telegraph was used in transmission and reception of messages from ship to shore. A wireless radio telegraph was on the Titanic along with two Marconi employees who served as the operators and sent the distress signal in 1912. Without wireless communication we might never have known the details of the Titanic tragedy.

Radio, where would the world be without it? In 1906 the first broadcast for the general public came into existence. Soon news and world events were beginning to populate the airwaves. Entertainment and music followed. Radio broadcasting was making its way into the world, and the world has never been the same since. By 1920 radio broadcasting for the general public had taken hold and people were buying radios for their homes. In 1931 two in five homes owned a radio. By 1938 that number increased to 80 percent of homes owning a radio. Today, 93% of us still listen to the radio. That’s more than those watching TV or using a smartphone. It’s obvious to say, that radio changed the world, and it continues to influence lives all over this planet. In the USA alone, there are more than 16,000 licensed broadcast radio stations, including lower-power FMs. Some of those are owned and operated by LifeTalk Radio.

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Radio provides a worldwide connection and continues to play a vital role in communicating the Gospel. How about you, does LifeTalk Radio influence your life? Do LifeTalk messages connect you with Jesus Christ and bring you hope? Does LTR inspire you for more healthful living? Let us know how you like LifeTalk or how the music and programs benefit your life. Just click here and tell us about it.

Be sure to watch our one minute video on National Radio Day. Click here to watch.