How’s Your Health?

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to stay healthy? Many people do and it’s a great way to begin the new year. Unfortunately, sometimes our goals for diet or exercise seem to evaporate even before January is over. Perhaps all that’s needed is a little extra boost on HOW to improve your health and maintain it at optimum levels.

Your health is your most precious asset. What are you doing to preserve and protect it? LifeTalk Radio features a number of programs that can help you learn more about your health. Discover how to live longer, feel better and have more energy.

Learn how to improve your health during 2024 with in-depth health programs from LifeTalk Radio health experts: Dr. David DeRose, Dr. James Marcum, Dr. John Westerdahl and other health professionals. Check out the program schedule at: or the line up of regular podcasts at Or use the handy LifeTalk Radio App, a free download at:

This year a number of program changes are being made. New programs have been added to the line up of broadcast programs. Some programs have been discontinued and other programs have a new time slot. Be sure to view or download an updated program schedule for your time zone at: