Focus on Better Health

Are you enjoying life to the fullest? How's your health? Would you like to improve it? LifeTalk Radio offers several programs and podcasts that focus on health, longevity, well-being, medical issues and more. Learn how to stay healthy and live longer. Discover how to get energized and feel better. Take charge of your own health. Read More

By the Way

By The Way is a daily devotional heard on radio stations around the globe. It’s been called the best minute on radio, as listeners identify with the simple, down-to-earth thoughts finding them inspiring. Listeners write to say their faith in Jesus Christ is strengthened as they are reminded of God’s goodness. The By The Way program encourages listeners to live according to God’s plan. This short 90-second message is often described as a “Thought for the Day.”

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World Day of Prayer

The first Friday in March is designated as the World Day of Prayer. It is celebrated annually in over 170 countries.Prayer is a privilege that connects us with our heavenly Father. Also when we pray for each other, and with each other, it connects us through our heavenly Father.

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The Bible in Living Sound

Perhaps you remember growing up and listening to The Bible in Living Sound as a kid. Well, those powerful stories are still around. The series include 450 dramatized audio stories featuring reenacted Biblical events with professional actors’ voices, music and sound effects. Now is a great time to share these Bible adventures with your own children or grandchildren.

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