Street of Gold

The Bible describes how, "The street of the city was pure gold." Revelation 21:21. That's the idea behind our Tribute Gifts page. It's a great way to remember or honor someone special with your love gifts to LifeTalk Radio. Our goal is to be reminded of the golden street in heaven, and give you an opportunity to add the name of your loved one onto a virtual golden brick. Simply make a donation of $10 or more and your memorial will appear within 24 hours on the LifeTalk Radio Tribute Gifts web page. [...] Read More

The Fatherhood Challenge

How important is the role of a father? In today’s world there are many kids who grow up without a father, or a father who is mostly absent. This program emphasizes the importance of fatherhood and is designed to turn the hearts of fathers to their children. The Fatherhood Challenge radio program is produced and hosted by Jonathan Guerrero, a strong advocate for engaged fathers and educating society on the benefits of having involved fathers…

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Father’s Day

Father’s day is happening soon. Why not use our free sharing cards and let your dad know you are thinking of him. Sure, you may have a nice present and a printed greeting card. But how about adding a nice little digital eCard to that mix?

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Prayer Requests

We pray daily and we desire to pray for you. And we encourage you to join us in prayer every day. Pray for our nation and our world leaders. Pray for your community, your neighbors, your friends and family. And when you have personal prayer needs or concerns we invite you to share them with us. Would you like us to pray for you? It’s very easy.[…]

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